Welcome to the Recycle Hut 

What is the Recycle Hut you ask?

It is a place where we can put our out grown gently used soccer equipment back in circulation!!

How does it work you ask?

Turn in your gently used, clean cleats, shin guards, balls, goalie jersey, goalie gloves and receive $1.00 cash.
You need  gently used clean cleats, shin guards, balls, goalie jersy, goalie gloves, and don't want to purchase new ones?
Buy them from our Recycle Hut located at the concession stand for $2.00!!

And it's that simple!  Need something before season begins? Give me a call and I will see what we have!
Have some items that need to be recycled before the season?
Call me at 852-0238

Please remember, gently used and clean will only be accepted.

Thank you!!!!!!!!

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