How teams are formed:

We take a great deal of time organizing the teams for the season.  We do allow requests for a friend or that special coach.  After honoring those requests, we then look at experience versus new players and try to balance the teams.  Some may fall short of a good balance due to the fact that we do not know every players’ skill. 

We have all volunteer coaches. Since they volunteer their time, we allow them to choose their practice times, days, and  place in which to practice.  Even though we have most of our coaches volunteer when they register their kids, there are always holes in which we have to ask for more coaches when we put the teams together. Therefore, we do not know in advance when any of the coaches plan to practice and in most cases, the coaches don't even know themselves. Other coaches know their practice schedule because they may only have the one night in which to hold practice.

Your registration fee covers:

The fees you pay at registration cover the purchase of the soccer jersey and socks along with the trophy your child receives at the end of the season.  It also pays for insurance that HCS must carry as well as field maintenance such as striping and mowing each week.  For the older divisions, the registration fee does include the cost of the referees. 

How to get involved:

Assistant Coach helps the coach in practices and games.  Team Parents help the coach by assigning the snack schedule, help with the picture envelopes as well as delivering the pictures when they come in.  They might even help with phone calls in case of practice cancellation, etc.  (kind of like a secretary!)  Field work would include our special work days at the fields or special times when something may need attended to during the season.  Special Events would include things like our end of the season festivities or special things we do during the season and anything extra that may come up.

Required equipment:

This includes shin guards (which are to be worn under the soccer socks), black shorts, and an age appropriate ball.  The ball size depends on the age division.  U4 and U6 use a size 3 ball.  U8, U10, and U12 use a size 4 ball.  U14 uses a size 5 ball.  Tennis shoes may be worn.  Cleats are not required, but only SOCCER cleats may be worn.  Baseball and football cleats have a toe cleat that is NOT allowed in soccer due to the potential risk of injuring another player.

Weather conditions:

Soccer is played in the rain unless there is lightening or the fields are too wet.  Cancellations are posted on our Website as soon as possible.  Coaches are notified and they in turn will contact their teams.


No earrings or body jewelry will be allowed during a game for the protection of all players.  If you are thinking of getting a piercing done, you may want to wait until the season is over.

Other important rules:

Our fields are Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco Free!

Pets are NOT permitted for the safety of the kids and the pet.

Driving out to the fields is not permitted unless authorization has been given.  The vehicles that are parked out there are ones that do not come and go while the fields are full of people.  We have been blessed with a golf cart which can be used to pick up family members who need assistance. We welcome the opportunity to pick them up and deliver them to/from their vehicles!  We are thrilled that they come to watch the games and do not want to hinder their visits!!

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