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Spring 2023 Volunteer Roles

Our league relies on volunteers to operate.  Every season, each team is assigned one shift, and each team is responsible for providing 4 volunteers for that shift to help us out with the duties necessary to keep everything running smoothly.  The concession stand also helps us to raise the necessary funds to continue working to improve the experience for all of our families. 

Please sign up for your team's volunteer shift!  Volunteers are crucial to the league's ability to operate.  Without volunteers, the concession stand and Gator (golf cart) may have to shut down, and nobody wants to see that happen! 

Sign up here: 

You can look up your team’s volunteer shift on this SignUpGenius page.  (To find it quickly, use "Ctrl F" and type in your coach’s last name.)  Several of our coaches coach multiple teams, so be sure that you’re looking at the right age division in front of your coach’s name.

Over the course of each season we send out emails to each team to let everybody know when their team's volunteer shift is. We need lots of volunteers, so we have to let everybody know!

Volunteers are crucial to the league's ability to operate. Without volunteers, the concession stand and Gator (golf cart) may have to shut down, and nobody wants to see that happen!  We prefer that the coaches do not have to volunteer to work at the concession stand, Gator, or field marshal duties.  Coaches do enough already.  Parents: please volunteer for these roles so the coaches don't have to!

Volunteer roles

Gator (Golf Cart) Driver:

The Gator driver shuttles those in need of transportation to and from their vehicles and the soccer fields on game days.  The Gator  driver is provided with a radio/phone where s/he can be reached for our families for service.   Children are not allowed on the Gator with the exceptions of a disabled child or one that is injured. 

Field Marshal:
The field marshal wears a vest and walks around the fields, making his or herself available to answer questions, guide families to the correct fields, and ensuring that the HCS field rules are being followed. 

Our league relies on the concession stand as the fundraiser to raise the necessary money to continue working to improve the league experience for all of our families. Most teams hand out treat tickets to all their players at the end of each game and the rush begins! We need to make sure that we have enough volunteers in the concession stand so all those kiddos can spend those treat tickets!

For each shift, we need at least:

 - 5 adults to run the concession stand
 - 1 adult to drive the Gator (golf cart)
 - 3 adults to act as Field Marshal

No children under 12 will be allowed in the concession stand. No children at all will be allowed on the Gator (unless they legitimately need a ride, of course).

Sign up here:

Thank you so much for everything you do to help keep our league running smoothly!
We couldn't do it without our volunteers!

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